Albert is an 8′ by 7′ double oval layout with central sidings, and was donated to the club by the brother of the President. It is laid with code 100 rail and Peco points, and is a very tight-packed layout with all the pointwork controlled by motors from a control panel incorporated into the layout itself. For reasons known only to the constructor, one half of the switches and mimic-diagram is reversed, effectively appearing upside-down to the people operating the controls. The rolling-stock which came with Albert had all been converted to Kaydee couplings. Anyone is welcome to set something running on one of the two ovals, whether it be a Hornby Pendolino or Triang Princess, but be warned that the flangeways of the Peco pointwork will lift older-profile wheelsets, and if such wheelsets happen to be on a locomotive, progress around the oval will be spasmodic.

The n-gauge test track “Burton-on-Shreen” is also in the social room.

Although it appears as a n-gauge layout, the back-scene and buildings will lift off and the track spacing is such that it will also allow 009 running.


There are two loops, an inner and an outer, with one crossover, and a pair of sidings which can only be shunted from the outer loop.

The name “Burton on Shreen” reflects on Mere’s siting on the River Shreen, and the Maltings it once had which gave it a small claim to be a brewing town.